My first month as an apprentice with the Crown Prosecution Service Wakefield

My first month as an apprentice with the Crown Prosecution Service Wakefield

Hi, I’m Lewis and I’m taking the intermediate business administration apprenticeship as an Administration Officer at the Crown Prosecution Service in Wakefield. I will be recording my month-to-month experiences of my apprenticeship in this blog and thought I would start off with a bit of an introduction.

I decided to start an apprenticeship with the CPS because I wanted to develop new skills and experiences that I felt my last job could not offer. I was drawn in by the prospect of learning a new role whilst getting a recognised qualification at the same time.

I have been at my apprenticeship for roughly a month now and I am enjoying it so much. I was very nervous on my first day but everyone was welcoming and friendly which put me at ease. On my second day, I attended the Christmas meal which was a good chance for me to get to know my colleagues. I now work on the P2P team which handles purchase orders, invoices and a variety of queries – along with other tasks such as changing passwords and account management.

I have learnt a lot in this short timeframe and I look forward to gaining more experience and learning new things. My goal is to complete this apprenticeship and either hopefully gain permanent employment with the CPS or use this experience to pursue a career in a similar role elsewhere.

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