Christopher Elliot

I've always wanted to join the police force and after finishing college, I was made aware that Damar were recruiting for Greater Manchester Police.

Intermediate business administration apprentice | Greater Manchester Police

Christopher Elliot has recently completed an intermediate apprenticeship in business administration with Greater Manchester Police. He has now gained full time employment as a Student Officer.

What led you to enrol on an apprenticeship?

I've always wanted to join the police force and after finishing college, I was made aware that Damar were recruiting for Greater Manchester Police. After I researched the apprenticeships, I found out that they included recognised qualifications and I would be earning a wage at the same time. This coupled with working in a policing environment was highly attractive. Compared to university and 30 grand's worth of debt, an apprenticeship seemed like the best option. In all, I was able to gain a better insight as to whether this was the right career for me.

What does your role as an apprentice entail?

In my role as an apprentice, I was heavily involved with helping the police tackle domestic abuse. I helped to make follow up phone calls to victims and was a key part in maintaining the online database for domestic abuse. I also regularly went on alcohol licensing visits in the City Centre and helped to deliver hate crime training.

What have you enjoyed most about your apprenticeship?

I have particularly enjoyed meeting a diverse range of people whilst conducting my police duties. I feel that it has given me a better insight into some of the issues certain people face.

What has been a personal highlight of your apprenticeship?

One of the highlights was being one of the system leads in the new Domestic Abuse database. I helped with general admin to keep the system running daily as well as conducting face-to-face and telephone training with staff in order to teach them the new system.

Have you got any advice for school leavers looking for the right career path?

I would say that university isn't the only option out there for them and they shouldn't feel under any pressure to go. Apprenticeships are becoming more popular every year and allow you to earn whilst you learn.

Lee Daley, Christopher’s Damar trainer comments:

“Christopher has now completed his apprenticeship with Damar. Throughout the course, Christopher produced excellent work-based coursework on some of the exciting projects he has been involved in within his first year at GMP. Christopher took full advantage of being able to participate with various GMP projects including one named ‘Safe Haven’ in which members of the public had a safe place to go after a night out in the city centre whilst waiting for a taxi home”.

“Christopher has done really well to gain full-time employment with GMP in one of their competitive Student Officer roles. I’m sure Christopher will have a very successful career with GMP due to his commitment, determination and hard work”.

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