After attending college, I realised that formal education was not the right path for me and so I chose to go down the apprenticeship route.

Legal Services Apprentice | Medical Solicitors

Molly Anson works at Medical Solicitors, a niche Law firm, assisting patients in the UK with complaints about their medical care and also acting in claims for compensation, where appropriate. She is currently undertaking the advanced apprenticeship in legal services as a Litigation Assistant.

Why did you choose the apprenticeship route?

After attending college, I realised that formal education was not the right path for me and so I chose to go down the apprenticeship route. I much prefer practical work and learning in increments. An apprenticeship enables you to choose the right role for yourself, as you will know what it is like to work in the specific area that you are training in.

How did you find out about the role?

I was already working for Medical Solicitors’ sister company, ‘Order Order!’ and had never considered pursuing a career within the legal sector prior to this. However, I soon realised that this was something I was interested in.

Which qualification are you doing and how have you progressed in your role so far?

I am currently working towards the advanced apprenticeship in legal services and have progressed a lot. Prior to working at Medical Solicitors, I had no legal knowledge at all and actually felt quite lost! My knowledge is growing each day. I can now go about my day-to-day duties with little help and am very confident when speaking to clients.

What are your future plans and how do you feel the training may support your development?

My future plan is to eventually become a Legal Executive. The training will support me in doing so.

What advice would you give to other school or college leavers thinking about doing an apprenticeship?

I would advise anyone thinking about doing an apprenticeship to go for it. If you have an idea of your ideal career, then this is a very good route to go down. Even if you are unsure about what to do in terms of college, university or an apprenticeship, I think an apprenticeship is still a very good option. You are able to earn whilst you learn, and may find that you really enjoy the apprenticeship and want to pursue a career in that specific area.

Caroline Moore, Director at Medical Solicitors says:

“Molly has an invaluable role, helping take new client enquiries, as well as assisting qualified Fee Earners with a broad range of tasks required, in relation to the complaints and claims processes. Clients really like her empathetic approach. The training certainly supports her development, in terms of the guided approach and the setting of goals. Achieving a qualification at the end of it is the golden nugget, as it will ensure career progression in the long term”

“Molly is going to take some time out next year to travel, and we understand that this is the right time in her life to do that. However, the team continues to slowly, steadily expand. I anticipate that there should be a place for her upon her return, so that she can continue working towards her qualification”

“Having tested Molly in our team for some time before putting her on to an apprenticeship, it really was a win-win situation for us. We already knew Molly and knew that she was a hard worker and a nice team member. This was important to us, as we are a relatively small team (now numbering eight) and we are delighted to have Molly in it”.

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