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I was unsure about university so I applied to do an apprenticeship. It gave me the opportunity to learn and have an income at the same time. The training was excellent and very organised. I would highly recommend Damar as a training provider.

William Bouwen  | Legal Admin Apprentice

Apprenticeships are not just for young people or for those learning a trade. They cover most, if not all, industry sectors and are available to people of all ages. Apprenticeships are available at different levels, from entry level right through to management positions. Some of our advanced and higher level apprenticeships are recognised by professional bodies such as the Association of Accounting Technicians and the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives.

Over the years, Damar has worked with thousands of people, helping them:

  • Get jobs with good employers
  • Improve their skills
  • Achieve nationally recognised qualifications
  • Develop their careers

Many former Damar students now hold senior positions in their organisations.

If you are working or are looking for work in an office or customer service environment and want to develop your skills, achieve a qualification and earn a salary at the same time, an apprenticeship with Damar may be right for you.

An apprenticeship will develop your confidence and competence. It shows that you have achieved a nationally recognised standard for your area of work. It also shows your employer that you are committed to your job and that you want to develop your skills.

For information on whether an apprenticeship is right for you, browse the website and have a look at some of the vacancies we have currently and read case studies from our apprentices. For more advice and guidance, please call one of our experienced recruitment team members on 0161 480 8171 or complete a registration form and we will call you. If you are a parent or carer, you can find more information in our Parent Guide.

Apprenticeships are not an easy option – they require commitment both in work and outside work. This is why they are so well regarded by employers and, increasingly, by universities. This is also why apprentices have been proven, over time, to earn more than people who do not have apprenticeships or other similar qualifications.

Apprenticeship Stages

Apprenticeship standards always take at least a year to complete and have three distinct stages:

  • Teaching and learning - You work with your Damar coach and your employer to develop knowledge, skills and behaviours;
  • The gateway - The point at which the employer, Damar and the apprentice come together to agree that the apprentice is ready for the external end-point assessment;
  • End-point assessment - You demonstrate your knowledge, skills and behaviours to an external assessor. Your end-point assessment could include a test, interview and/or portfolio presentation.

English and Maths

As part of your apprenticeship, you may need to take functional skills in English and maths.


The delivery method varies according to the needs of the apprentice, the employer and the qualification. We use a  model which combines 1:1 and group workshops and meetings with the Damar coach and subject specialist tutors, with online learning, webinars and e-tutorials delivered via our virtual learning environment, Damar OpenLearning. This gives apprentices access to more specialist teaching content and the flexibility to access learning materials at times that suit them and the employer. Most apprentices need to spend around 20% of their time on their studies.


For many apprentices, the apprenticeship is a stepping stone towards additional responsibility at work or, for some, further qualifications including university. As well as celebrating achievement, we always discuss progression with apprentices and their employers to ensure that the benefits of the apprenticeship are maximised.

The Damar Difference

There are many providers and colleges across England which provide apprenticeships. So what is different about Damar Training?

  • We offer flexible training which can fit around your day to day role
  • We can match you to the most relevant coaches and subject specialists, regardless of where you are based
  • We empower you to feel accountable for your own learning goals and journey, setting you up for lifelong career development
  • We provide regular interaction, breaking down the apprenticeship into manageable chunks of learning
  • We provide specialist support for apprentices preparing for their end-point assessment
  • Our group workshops and discussion forums allow you to interact, engage and learn from other apprentices within different businesses across England

But don't just take our word for it - here are some quotes from recent apprentices:

Katie Lawrence - Customer Service Apprentice

Apprentice Katie"I felt an apprenticeship was perfect for me. When I left college I knew, I knew university wasn’t for me. I wanted more independence and to start to earn my own money. If I’m honest, doing an apprenticeship is the best decision I ever made.

"Personally my biggest achievement is the confidence I have gained since joining Aldermore to where I am now. I am over the moon with the 100% distinction that I got in my apprenticeship. Since finishing my apprenticeship I have taken part in extra things at work other than my daily role, such as speaking in front of peers and managers and this is something I never thought I’d be able to do."I wouldn’t of been able to do it without the support and hard work from my trainer - she really was fantastic."

Archie Jackson-Peat - Businesss Admin Apprentice

Apprentice Archie"I have always wanted to do an apprenticeship as I wanted to learn and earn at the same time. I also didn’t want to be in a college environment as I wanted to be with people who already have experience in the profession.

"My training with Damar has been helpful. They made sure I pushed myself to my limits and to get the best possible grade.

"I think that my biggest achievement has been that I started working here knowing nothing and having no experience in this role and industry and now 15 months later I have passed and gained a lot of experience and I am confident in my job role."

Daniel Otto - Legal Admin Apprentice

Apprentice Daniel"I decided to do the apprenticeship so that I could learn my job in a more technical way. I wanted to learn about law generally, as well as knowing more about the types of law I practice as part of my job role.

"I have grown to love the almost ‘classroom feel’ to the online workshops. They are sessions with a real live person (not a robot). They are usually someone with an advanced practice of law and it is great to bounce off the other students using our video streams and have actual conversations about the law we are studying."

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