Apprentice Case Studies

30 January 2019
Olivia Sutcliffe - Finance Administrator
Olivia Sutcliffe

"I can easily say I have no regrets in the path I took. I have a lot more experience than those my age who went to University, not an ounce of debt unlike their £50,000+ debt and I know I can achieve the same as them, if not more"

18 December 2018
Jordan Coulton - Higher Legal Apprentice

"I knew I wanted something different than University - everyone seemed to be going down that route - the apprenticeship has definitely fulfilled that"

14 November 2018
Oliver Woodberry - Accounts Apprentice
Oliver Woodberry

"There are so many options and careers for you to explore and so many people that are willing to help you, so make the most of them whilst you can!"

05 November 2018
Peter Morris - Paralegal Apprentice

"Try not to focus on the best-paying jobs or employers. This may work out ok depending upon the profession or sector, but it won't always lead to personal success or job security"

24 September 2018
Rebecca Hargreaves - Business Management and Leadership

"I have really enjoyed getting back into academia having left University some years ago"

01 August 2018
Katie Twigg - Admissions Appeals and School Placement Officer

"Apprenticeships are a great way to earn an income while being able to figure out if it is actually a career you want to pursue"

30 July 2018
Sydney Howard - Business Travel Apprentice

“I thoroughly enjoy my role as there are many skills I have gained such as problem solving, time management, customer service, business admin and more”

28 June 2018
Paul Buttle - DQ & OPD Coding officer

“I wanted to better myself by improving my skillset, further my education and work towards a career that really interested me”

30 May 2018
Nicole Hinson - Apprentice Paralegal, Pinsent Masons

“I have found it very rewarding to see how much more responsibility and trust I have been given by the team”

30 April 2018
Bethany Evans - Inspection Training Administrator - eLearning, Ofsted

“I have gained and developed a variety of skills and the ability to work both independently and interdependently”

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