Case Studies

8 March 2020
Amy Murphy - Paralegal Apprentice
Amy Murphy

"I decided to do an apprenticeship so that I could gain a qualification and progress my career whilst earning a wage."

4 March 2020
Daisy Bowman - Customer Service Apprentice
Daisy Bowman

"What I most enjoyed about my apprenticeship was working with Paula and going to Damar Training for learning sessions."

24 February 2020
Caren Houseman - Medical Admin Apprentice
Caren Houseman - Medical Admin Apprentice

"My biggest achievement is fitting into the team and learning as much as I have in a short space of time."

13 February 2020
Morgan Walsh - Business Admin Apprentice
Morgan Walsh

"The apprenticeship gave me the access I needed to a new career as well as validating my existing skills and allowing me to build on them."

8 February 2020
Josh McCarthy - Business Admin Apprentice
Josh McCarthy

"I decided to do an apprenticeship as I wanted to get stuck in to working a full-time job."

6 February 2020
Rebecca Comber - Paralegal Apprentice
Rebecca Comber

"Upon moving to Forbes and starting a new role in family law I found a new enthusiasm for law and I was keen to progress my career."

4 February 2020
Daniel Otto - Paralegal Apprentice
Daniel Otto

"I decided to do the apprenticeship so that I could learn my job in a more technical way. I wanted to learn about law generally, as well as knowing more about the types of law I practice as part of my job role."

15 February 2019
Megan Wilson - Business Admin Apprentice
Megan Wilson - Business Admin Apprentice

"I had always wanted to pursue a career with the Police and was very excited when I realised, I could apply for an apprenticeship for my dream job."

30 January 2019
Olivia Sutcliffe - Accounting Apprentice
Olivia Sutcliffe - Accounting Apprentice

"I can easily say I have no regrets in the path I took. I have a lot more experience than those my age who went to University, not an ounce of debt unlike their £50,000+ debt and I know I can achieve the same as them, if not more"

18 December 2018
Jordan Coulton - Higher Legal Apprentice

"I knew I wanted something different than University - everyone seemed to be going down that route - the apprenticeship has definitely fulfilled that"

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