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We are proud to be a partner of ABTA. Damar expertly delivers the Travel Consultant Apprenticeship covering both the leisure and business travel industry.

Alex Barker | Account Manager

ABTA PartnerWe are proud to have worked with ABTA and the Business Travel Association to develop the new travel apprenticeship standard for travel consultants.

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Eligibility and funding for travel apprenticeships

This travel apprenticeship is a fantastic way to kick start a career in travel consultancy or develop the skills and knowledge of an existing team member. Those with prior qualifications, including degrees, are eligible in most cases.

For larger employers, the travel apprenticeship is 100% funded via the apprenticeship levy. Smaller employers pay only 10% of the total cost.


Travel apprentices will be well placed to progress within the industry into leadership or specialist travel roles.

Who is a travel apprenticeship for?

This 18 to 24 month training programme has been designed for employees with travel booking responsibilities who would benefit from further training and development. It is designed to build the apprentice’s knowledge of geography, customer service, legal and compliance, industry technology and their own personal development within the travel industry.

Travel Consultant course content and delivery

Our unique training programme is divided into training sessions delivered face-to-face, via group sessions and webinars. Each session has a clear objective and outcome, relevant content, demonstration and practice opportunity. Regular feedback is provided throughout the course and post-training content is provided to further learning and development. Students are encouraged to do their own research on their companies, their customers and the importance of excellent customer service in the travel industry.

There is a robust end-point assessment that comprises a knowledge test, professional discussion and the submission of “my journey”, a portfolio of work demonstrating the apprentice’s competence.

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