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I decided to do the Travel Consultant Apprenticeship because I had studied travel and tourism at college and knew that I wanted to work for a travel agency. My greatest achievement was winning the Institute of Travel and Tourism Apprentice of the Year.

Kyrah Martin  | Travel Apprentice

ABTA PartnerThe 15 to 18 month Travel Consultant Apprenticeship has been designed for employees within the travel and tourism sector who would benefit from further training and development. It will build the apprentice’s knowledge of geography, customer service, legal and compliance, industry technology and their own personal development within the business and leisure travel industry.

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The Damar Difference

Damar Training are one of just a handful of training providers delivering this valuable travel and tourism qualification. We maximise the benefits that apprenticeship training can bring to businesses by:

  • Using our experience of delivering the Travel Apprenticeship since its creation
  • Delivering a 100% pass rate
  • Providing coaches who are supportive, challenging and empowering
  • Using a blended delivery model with tried-and-tested online platforms that allow us to deliver on a flexible and national basis

Travel Training Delivery Model

Our unique training programme is divided into training sessions delivered via individual and group sessions and webinars. Each session has a clear objective and outcome, relevant content, demonstration and practice opportunity. Regular feedback is provided throughout the course and post-training content is provided to further learning and development. Students are encouraged to do their own research on their companies, their customers and the importance of excellent customer service in the travel industry.

There is a robust end-point assessment that comprises a knowledge test, professional discussion and the submission of “my journey”, a portfolio of work demonstrating the apprentice’s competence.

The following topics are covered as part of the travel agent apprenticeship:

  • Role: How to keep up to date with current international affairs that could impact customers
  • Products: Knowledge of unique selling points of travel products and an understanding of how to match their features to enhance the competitive proposition
  • Knowledge: Knowledge of passport and visa requirements, customs and traditions, differences in time zones
  • Team: How to work as part of a team to deliver excellent customer service while learning about the importance of personal development
  • ICT: How to use travel booking systems
  • Profiling: Knowledge of different clients, including corporate and leisure customers, to identify their requirements and individual needs
  • Operations: Knowledge of the organisation and its everyday operations
  • Relationships: Build excellent communication skills verbally, over the phone or face-to-face while developing relationships with colleagues, customers and suppliers


This travel apprenticeship is a fantastic way to kick start a career in travel consultancy or develop the skills and knowledge of an existing team member. Those with prior qualifications, including degrees, are eligible in most cases. The individual must be in a role where they need to make travel arrangements, accommodation bookings and ancillary services.

The apprentice must also be employed, usually for 30+ hours a week, and work more than 50% of their time in England and apprentices are expected to spend at least 20% of their time in “off-the-job” training.


Employers that pay the Apprenticeship Levy are able to pay all of the training costs from their Apprenticeship Levy account.

Employers that do not pay the levy, as well as large employers who have spent their levy budget, pay just 5% of the overall cost, with the government paying the balance. For employers with fewer than 50 employees the 5% contribution is waived for apprentices aged 16-18.

For a newly recruited apprentice, the current grants are £3,000 for employers taking on 16 to 18 year olds, £2,000 for 19-24 year olds and £1,500 at 25+.

There is never any cost to the apprentice, although apprentices’ salaries may reflect the investment being made by the employer.

Progression Routes

Travel apprentices will be well placed to progress within the industry into leadership or specialist travel roles. For those wanting to go into management, we offer the Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor and the Level 5 Operational/Departmental Manager Apprenticeships.

The Benefits of Travel Apprenticeships

There are many benefits to using apprenticeship training for new or existing staff within your travel agency:

  • Improve levels of customer service and retain more customers
  • Increase confidence across your teams with a more skilled and qualified workforce
  • Improve communication with customers on the telephone and face-to-face, as well as internal communications
  • Deal more effectively with compaints and travel disruptions

Travel Case Study

Clarity logo

“Clarity value apprenticeship training, as we see the impact that it has, beyond simply providing a qualification. Apprenticeships develop employees’ behaviours and skills, as well as knowledge. This allows individuals to grow and become more confident in their role, which raises the calibre of the individual, team and entire business. Clarity’s experience is that apprenticeship training generates fresh energy and ideas, which has a positive impact on staff morale and customer service.

“Working closely with Damar Training, we have been able to adapt and develop our apprenticeship programme to suit our specific business needs. The flexibility that apprenticeship standards and Damar provide, mean that they can apply a blended training delivery model, which develops individuals at the right pace.

“We highly recommend adopting an apprenticeship programme within your business, as they not only embed themselves as valuable members of the team but also mature into role models for the next generation.”

Neil Wainwright-Farrar, Head of Learning and Development at Clarity Travel

Read the full Clarity case study.

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