Bee Motion

Bee Motion’s founder completed the AAT with Damar college and has seen first hand the impressive impact Damar have on their AAT students.

About Bee Motion

Bee Motion was incorporated on 13th October 2015 with only a handful of clients, it has now progressed into a 250+ clientele base offering not just accountancy services, but pensions, life insurance, investments and mortgages. It has become a “one stop” shop and the “go to” place in the finance industry.

How have your apprentices progressed in their roles and how has Bee Motion benefitted from their performance?

Every year our apprentices go onto achieve different levels of their AAT qualification. They are then able to deploy what they have learnt; theoretically and practically, when exposed to our broad clientele base.

With the development of our apprentices, Bee-Motion has been able to increase its client base, which has contributed to a turnover growth of 16% year on year..

How have the qualification and training delivery been of benefit to your apprentices and how has this impacted your business? 

Having a structured training regime for our apprentices has meant that (i) there is a clear focus in terms of personal development and (ii) there is clear achievement of key competencies within the profession itself.

Having a structured program not only ensures that we as a business can manage periods when our apprentices are out of office, it allows our apprentices to have a variety in work which will help keep our apprentices engaged and performing to their best abilities.

What future plans do you have for your apprentices and how do you feel the training may support their future development?

By ensuring that our apprentices undergo the structured training at Damar, i.e. undertaking their accountancy qualifications in stages, allows our apprentices to gain practical experience throughout their studies and build on their work experience so that they are fully equipped when they commence to the next stages of their professional examinations.

As Bee-Motion grows, our apprentices should grow with the business and fill more of our senior positions. The expectation would be that their experience is then transitioned to the next set of apprentices so that the culture of our business is engrained in all of our employees accordingly.

What advice would you give to other employers thinking about taking on an apprentice? 

With growth, the core of any business can easily be forgotten. Apprentices ensure that the fundamental running of this is never sacrificed. They become the heart of your business and understand the mechanics behind how it works. With the thirst of knowledge, apprentices therefore force a business to never forgo its underlying principles.

What, in particular, has stood out as being ‘exceptional’ about your apprentices or has ‘added real value’ to the team?

Our apprentices have been able to adopt the entire payroll profile of Bee-Motion – this in itself is a stand-alone role, however our apprentices have managed to integrate this task as part of their everyday responsibilities.

The ability to delegate administrative work to our apprentices has meant that time has been focused on growing the business and aligning the strategies Bee-Motion looks to achieve in the foreseeable future.

'Bee Motion Financial Advisers is a trading style of Cheetham Jackson JV LLP’
‘Bee Motion Mortgages is a trading style of Cheetham Jackson Mortgages’

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