5 Days - 5 Apprenticeship Stories - Day 2: BHA/Arshad Kapadia

At a time when employment opportunities are few and far between, Arshad Kapadia and BHA are an example of how apprenticeships can create jobs for young people and are good for business.

Before coming on Damar’s “Get Ready for Work” pre-employment course, Arshad had been out of work for some time.  He believes that the confidence that he gained on the programme was crucial at his interview with BHA, set up for him by Damar’s recruitment team.  Now he’s in the role and completing an intermediate apprenticeship in business and administration, the skills he’s learning are helping him to fulfil his potential whilst getting paid.

BHA is a rapidly growing charitable organisation that has been working with Damar for the last two years.  BHA challenges health inequalities for disadvantaged and marginalised communities, with the aim of making a positive contribution in health provision and service delivery.

Joanne Neal is Arshad’s manager at BHA in Trafford: “Apprenticeships are a fantastic way to support young people in getting into work. I would recommend apprenticeships to any organisation.”

See more of what Arshad and Joanne have to say about apprenticeships with Damar below.

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