How one Manchester accountancy firm and its staff are getting the most from apprenticeships

Accountancy firm Sedulo has recently taken on Damar apprentice Zaidi Rhodes-Greene. As well as no-cost recruitment and training support Sedulo also received an incentive of £750 – available for any employer who takes on a young unemployed Greater Manchester resident as an apprentice.

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What is Sedulo?

Sedulo is an established firm of accountants, with offices based in Manchester city centre and the Sharp Project, providing expertise in accountancy solutions and commercial business advisory services.

How are they helping GM young people?

In the past few years Sedulo has embraced apprenticeships, taking on an average of 2 new apprentices a year. They have settled in to a successful routine, whereby every apprentice starts on reception to become familiar with the world of work, the company and their clients. The apprentice then progresses from HR functions to working in the accounts and tax departments, becoming familiar with both areas before choosing one to specialise in. All the apprentices they have taken on have progressed up the career ladder, becoming loyal and well rounded employees upon whom office manager Elaine Cheetham-Karcz can rely.

Office manager Elaine takes a hand-on role as both boss and mentor, helping to shape the young person into a successful and integral part of the company. She says “other employers are missing a trick by not employing apprentices. It’s an excellent opportunity for you as an employer to gain a model employee. Yes you have to spend a bit of time with them, but you get real reward as they start to benefit your business”.

Sedulo and Elaine are passionate about helping young people and have established a good relationship with their training provider.  Elaine credits Damar Training with helping her to recruit the right young people for her business . In addition to on the job training and assessment, Damar  also undertakes free recruitment and pre-selection for Sedulo meaning that hiring an apprentice is an easy and stress free process for Elaine as the employer.

Sedulo recruitment

Zaidi is 17. She left college because she wasn’t enjoying the style of learning and wanted to start earning money. She looked for an Apprenticeship for about 7 months before finding one, and is now studying 2 A-Levels in her spare time.

Why did you want to become an apprentice?

After leaving school I was searching for what to do – I wanted to start contributing financially at home and did a lot of research about my future options. I like the fact that I will gain my accountancy qualifications as well as gaining experience in an Apprenticehsip, and I will have no debt at the end of it!

What’s been the best bit so far?

Everything! It’s like a family here and I have the security that I work in a safe environment. Because other employees were apprentices I can see what I can work up to. I’ve been treated as one of the employees from the start, for example I was invited on the office party – it makes a difference to know that even as a learner I’m included in these activities.

I like getting up in the morning, coming to work and earning a wage. I’m still learning and improving in my work and starting to get ideas about what area I want to specialise in in the future.

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