Ambassadors wanted, no previous experience required!

If you’re a former apprentice or you work for an organisation that has a successful apprenticeship programme it’s likely that you understand the benefits to individuals, business and the economy of investing in skills.

You might therefore be surprised to learn that, although you are part of growing minority, not all businesses in Greater Manchester “get” the link between skills and productivity. In Greater Manchester we have the biggest UK regional economy outside London. However there’s a productivity gap, estimated at £7.2 billion, between where Greater Manchester is and where it should be. Research attributes much of this shortfall to skills (you can read the reports here).

In response to the challenge, Damar is supporting an initiative run by the Greater Manchester Learning Provider Network. The GMLPN’s “Employer and Employee Ambassador Programme” is part of a campaign aimed at addressing the skills gap across Greater Manchester.  Its goal is to switch on more employers and their employees to the benefits of ongoing skills development which is vital for the long term productivity of the Greater Manchester economy.

And this is where you come in. If you are able to occasionally give up a bit of your time to speak to other employers about how you or your organisation has benefited from apprenticeships then the GMLPN would love to speak to you about becoming an “ambassador”. No prior qualifications or experience are needed. You just need to be willing to tell your skills story to others – what the impact has been for you and your business and how it has worked so far.

As well as giving something back to the local business community, this is an opportunity to develop your (and your business’s) professional network and generate some good publicity. Customers are more likely to use organisations that invest in their people and so the more people that know about your achievements the better.

The team at GMLPN is running a series of introductory sessions for people wishing to get involved – full details on their website here. It’s worth giving either John, Steph or Linda a call first though, their details are as follows:


John Doris, mob: 07738621743,  e-mail

Steph Hodgson, mob: 07738621735, e-mail

Linda Lee, mob: 07738621742, e-mail

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