The EU referendum – the voice of apprentices

We have been encouraging Damar apprentices to get engaged in the EU referendum debate and, most importantly, to vote on Thursday. As part of this, we asked our apprentices to respond to a survey that asked apprentices about the issues, what they thought of the campaign and, for those eligible to vote, how they plan to vote.

The results, if they mirror attitudes more widely, will worry the ‘Remain’ camp. Young people in general are thought to favour ‘Remain’ but, of Damar apprentices who responded and will be voting…


38% plan to vote Leave

35% plan to vote Remain

27% are still undecided


Only 11% of respondents are eligible to vote but have decided not to, suggesting a high turnout on Thursday. It is fascinating that the number of undecideds, at 27%, is still as high as it is. The message seems to be that people are engaged but confused…

We asked apprentices about the reasoning behind their decision and also their views on the debate. The graphics below illustrate the frequency that various words were mentioned in two questions:

What has influenced your decision?

What are your thoughts on the information available regarding the Referendum?

The survey was conducted between 10th and 20th June via Damar’s e-portfolio system. There were 151 respondents out of a possible 950.

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