Webinar on apprenticeships for school and college students

On 5 January 2017, Damar Training’s Lead Recruitment Advisor, Katie Senior and Recruitment Advisor, Hannah Dodson presented a webinar to current school and college students and their parents. The aim of this webinar was to provide an overview of options after school/college and apprenticeships – something current students may not know much about at this stage. Damar Training, the specialist apprenticeship training provider, helps hundreds of young people launch their careers each year with apprenticeships in business and professional skills. 

Katie and Hannah discussed many topics:

•    What students can do after school or college
•    What an apprenticeship is and their most frequently asked questions
•    Apprenticeships vs. higher education
•    Things to consider when deciding whether to start an apprenticeship
•    The life of an apprentice: Damar case studies
•    Finding an apprenticeship 

Please see a recording of the webinar here. If you know someone who will find this webinar useful, please forward him/her this article. 

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