Training to be a Manager

It’s good practice to recognise success in business or to be recognised as successful. Over-achieving in sales or receiving excellent customer reviews may lead to a pay rise, personal healthcare, additional benefits or even a promotion.

But, someone with a natural sales talent may not be a natural manager; all too often, a fundamental aspect is missing – training a new manager to become successful or training a new manager to support a promotion.

A promotion may naturally be offered due to length of service and, the chances are, by then you will have already assumed some form of managerial duties as opposed to have received any specific management training.

But being a manager requires a new set of skills and will be a departure from your day to day job, experience or skill set. You may be an accountant, work in customer service or be a clinician who has had a lifetime working as just that and all of a sudden given a managerial title but with no new manager tips!

Training a new manager can start with your staff while they are still in their current role before they are promoted. Qualities to consider as to what makes a good manager can begin early on in the process by identifying training requirements, particularly looking at personal skills, team-focused skills and corporate skills.

Apprenticeships can provide the ideal training for employees who are taking on a new role in management. It’s a common misconception that apprenticeships are just for younger school leavers but that is not the case. Anyone of any age who requires management training can join an apprenticeship programme; beneficiaries can be in senior administration or even a head of department.

There are many common leadership and management mistakes made but, managing a promotion well, including training a new manager to arm them with the correct skills, will positively impact on creating a more confident effective manager. 

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