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24 June 2020
Is it time to rethink apprenticeships?

As some of the features of life post-lockdown become clearer, is it time to re-think the approach to apprenticeships?

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18 June 2020
Applying for Apprenticeships

Now that we are starting to come out of lockdown, apprenticeship vacancies are going to start to increase again. Here is some advice and guidance on how to apply.

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15 June 2020
Apprentice Taylor Meakin

Damar Training's Business Admin Apprentice, Taylor Meakin, tells us what it has been like for her during lockdown.

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3 June 2020
What COVID-19 Has Taught Us

COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown has impacted every aspect of our lives but what have these global events taught us about the ways in which training providers and employers can best support their apprentices to reach their full potential?

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21 May 2020
Preparing for a Video Interview

Even after the current pandemic is over, it’s likely that more and more apprenticeship recruitment will be done remotely, by video interviews. You should still prepare in the same way you would for a normal interview, because it is exactly that... a normal interview! The only difference is that you aren’t face-to-face, but everything else still applies.

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13 May 2020
Public Sector Apprenticeships

The last couple of months have shown us, more than ever, how critical our NHS, the police, local authorities and other public sector organisations are to our health and livelihood. In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of apprenticeships to the public sector as well as some of the specific issues that these organisations should  consider when looking for a training provider and recruiting an apprentice.

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4 May 2020
Top Ten Tips for Apprentices During Lockdown

We’ve all discovered that adjusting to working from home or being furloughed is a challenge, but apprentices have the additional issue of managing their ongoing 20% off-the-job training as well. Here are our top tips for how to do this (including some ideas from our own apprentices).

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24 April 2020
Lessons in Lockdown

Damar Training’s apprentices are continuing to learn and succeed during lockdown, achieving their qualifications and engaging with Working Differently, Damar’s new bespoke programme designed to keep apprentices safe, healthy and supported during the crisis.

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22 April 2020
The 100% Work-Based Apprenticeship Model

What exactly is apprenticeship training, how does the100% work-based model work and why should you consider it as an option for your apprentices?

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17 April 2020
Lockdown won't stop Oliver

Oliver Woodberry, Level 4 Professional Accounting Technician Apprenticeship at Pinsent Masons, is successfully continuing with work and training during lockdown.

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